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A Comprehensive Guide to Fix the Worcester Boiler Fault Code 227

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Boiler EA-227

A Comprehensive Guide to Fix the Worcester Boiler Fault Code 227

If you own a Worcester boiler, you might have encountered the dreaded 227 error code. The question that arises in your mind is: What does fault code 227 on the Worcester boiler mean? Fear not! In this guide, we’ll explore what this code means, common causes, and how to get your boiler back up and running.

What does fault code 227 on Worcester boiler mean?

The Worcester boiler fault Code 227 indicates that your Worcester Bosch boiler has failed to detect a flame while attempting to ignite. After about four to five unsuccessful ignition attempts, safety protocols kick in to protect both your boiler and your home. During this time, the boiler often locks out.

Common Causes of the error code 227 Worcester boiler

Frozen Condensate Pipe:

The frozen condensate pipe is an issue that almost every Worcester Bosch boiler owner has experienced during colder months.

If you’re seeing the Worcester boiler fault code 227 fault code during winter, there’s a good chance your condensate pipe is frozen.

Solution: Defrost the white pipe outside using warm water. If the boiler fires back up, you have resolved the issue.

Gas Supply Issues:

The most frequent error displayed by Worcester Bosch boilers.

Possible cause: An improperly adjusted or defective gas valve.

Solution: Our Gas Safe engineers can determine if the gas valve needs replacement.

Faulty Flame Sensor:

The flame sensor plays a crucial role in detecting ignition.

If it’s inefficient, the boiler won’t recognise the flame.

Solution: A professional inspection and replacement if necessary. Call us now!

Moisture Leaks:

Even minor leaks can damage delicate components.

If you suspect a leak, shut off the water supply.

Leaks from the heat exchanger (not visible from outside) can trigger the 227 fault code.

When to Call a Professional

Though some issues can be resolved by homeowners, others require professional intervention. Here’s when to call our Gas Safe registered engineers:

Gas Valve Adjustment or Replacement: If the gas supply isn’t functioning due to a faulty valve

Heat Exchanger Leaks: These can be tricky to detect, so professional assessment is essential.

Persistent Lockouts: If the boiler repeatedly locks out despite your attempts to reset it.

Remember, safety should be the priority! If you are still experiencing any boiler related issues despite all troubleshooting attempts, contact us to keep your Worcester boiler in pristine condition.

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