How Unvented Cylinder Conversion Is A Better Alternative To Shower Pumps

April 12th, 2024 by

Over the years, gravity fed water systems have been the primary solution for the water supply in households. Due to the extremely low water pressures in the gravity fed water systems, it becomes necessary to install a shower pump to improve the water flow. But, these also exhibit various issues in terms of installation limitations, susceptibility to contamination & higher maintenance requirements, and many more.

The best & most convenient solution to this issue is the installation of unvented cylinders. These cylinders have earned a reputation as an efficient and reliable water heating solution, which can be attributed to the host of benefits they offer.  Let’s explore these benefits in detail to get a better understanding of how unvented cylinders make for a superior alternative to pressurised systems and shower pumps.

Benefits of Unvented Cylinders

1. Cheaper to run: Unvented cylinders are typically more energy efficient compared to shower pumps which are expensive to buy, maintain, and run. They utilise modern insulation techniques and heating methods, which can be more economical in the long run.

2. No noise: Unlike shower pumps, unvented cylinders operate quietly. As the unvented cylinders function without a header tank and associated pipes, there are fewer opportunities for water to create noise through vibrations. This absence of noise contributes to a more peaceful living environment.

3. Triple insulated and 25 years warranty: Unvented cylinders come with advanced insulation technology, providing triple insulation layers that give a guaranteed supply of hot water for a long time. This results in reduced heat loss and greater energy efficiency. Furthermore, the 25 year warranty period demonstrates the product’s durability and reliability, offering peace of mind to homeowners.

4. Hygienic operation: Unvented cylinders are directly connected to the mains water supply, which means they don’t rely on stored water from a cold water storage tank in the loft. This continuous flow of fresh water reduces the risk of bacterial growth and contamination that can occur in cold water tanks (cisterns.) As a result, unvented cylinders provide more hygienic and clean water, safe for household use and drinking water.

5. Increased water pressure: Unvented cylinders, combined with a conversion to mains water system increase water pressure by two to three times. This enhanced pressure ensures water flows at a high and steady rate throughout the property, resulting in better performance for showers, taps, toilets, and all other water outlets. This negates the need for shower pumps which have a limited lifespan and are expensive to replace and run as pumps use electricity each time they are activated.


For homeowners facing issues with faulty or noisy shower pumps and low water pressure, seeking a reliable and better long term alternative, unvented cylinders emerge as a superior option that promises to not only address the concerns relating to shower pumps, and unhealthy cold water tanks but also offers great energy savings. If you want to learn more about unvented cylinders, contact our team of qualified heating engineers.