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How Much Money Can a New Boiler Save for You?

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How Much Money Can a New Boiler Save for You?

You can reduce your energy bills and enhance the efficiency and dependability of your heating system by installing a new boiler. Our guide discusses the possible cost savings you may gain with a new boiler, which includes the influence of energy efficiency ratings and installation expenses.

An outdated boiler not only contributes to higher energy bills but also impacts the environment negatively. The question that is often asked is: how much money can a new boiler save me? And you will find the answer here in the blog!

Understanding Boiler Efficiency for a More Informed Decision

Boiler efficiency is measured by how well a boiler converts fuel into heat. An ‘A+++’ rated boiler, which is the most energy efficient, operates at over 90% efficiency. In contrast, older ‘G’ rated boilers may run at a mere 60% efficiency. This difference in performance can have a substantial impact on your energy bills. However, if you want to know how this new boiler installation can make the change, read the following and find the answer!

The Financial Impact

According to the Energy Saving Trust, upgrading from a ‘G’ rated to an ‘A’ rated boiler could save you up to £580 annually. These savings stem from the boiler’s ability to use less fuel to produce the same amount of heat, thus reducing your energy consumption and bills.

Long Term Benefits

While the initial cost of a new boiler might seem daunting, the long term benefits are undeniable. With the savings in energy, it would only take two to three years to recoup the cost of installing a new A+++ rated boiler.

Modern boilers are designed to last longer and come with a 10 or 12 year parts and labour warranty. It ensures peace of mind with no more worries about breakdowns and unexpected repair bills.

Smart Controls

Today’s boilers come equipped with smart controls, allowing you to manage your heating remotely with smart programmers such as Hive or Nest. This means you can adjust your heating to suit a changing schedule, ensuring you can control your heating and hot water when you are out. No more going on holiday and realising you have left the heating on! In summary, installing a Nest or Hive smart programmer at the same time as a new boiler installation, adds substantially to the cost savings of installing a new boiler.

Environmental Considerations

Aside from the financial savings, a new boiler is also kinder to the environment. By operating more efficiently, it reduces carbon emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Making the Switch

If you’re considering a new boiler, choosing the right model for your home is essential. Consulting with a professional can help you select a boiler that meets your needs and maximise your savings.


Investing in a new energy efficient boiler is a wise decision that pays for itself within a few years. With significant savings on energy bills and a positive environmental impact, the benefits are clear. So, when pondering the question, “How much money can a new boiler save me?” We hope this blog helps answer some of those questions. For more information contact us.

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